Busted Laundry Hose Could Be Disastrous!

Let’s face it, we love the sun but not the extra laundry it seems to bring. Ball uniforms, swimsuits, beach towels, extra play clothes, grass stained clothes and the list goes on.  Why is it the laundry seems to pile up more in the summer? No one wants to be stuck in doors doing piles of dirty stinky laundry while everyone else is out having a good time.  You know what else would throw a wrench in your fun in the sun? A busted washing machine hose!  Now is the perfect time to visually inspect your washing machine hose for any cracks.  If you have a rubber hose you may want to consider replacing it with a No-burst hose. They are encased in a woven metal sleeve that prevents weak spots in the rubber. They are available at your home improvement stores for about $20. This is an easy DIY project that could save you $$$$ in water damage to your home.
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