Stop! Plumbing Tips Ahead, Just In Time For Back To School

It’s Back to School time.  Time to get the kids back into a routine and on a schedule.  While getting them to adhere to a bedtime schedule and siting down their homework may be tricky these plumbing tips could help your morning routine run a little smoother.

Back To School Plumbing Tips

To avoid running out of hot water and water pressure problems create a staggered schedule between am and pm for each person in the family. If staggered showering in the am and pm is not an option for your active family try creating a timed shower schedule to make sure each person has HOT water throughout their shower time

 Keep that bathroom fan going before and 10-15 min after showering /bathing. You don’t want moisture problems

Conserve water and $ by turning off the faucet while brushing teeth

 Your toilet is not a trash can. Make sure you and your kids are not throwing things like dental floss, wipes, band aids, paper etc. down the toilet just to avoid the few extra steps to the trash can

If you find after all these tips your water pressure is still too low or your water heater is just not large enough for your growing family give Emergency Plumbing Service a call. We can access your family’s hot water needs and provide the best solution to what your household needs to keep you all on schedule 740-548-5453.  We hope you all have a great school year!

 Austin gives these tips a thumbs up!