Toilet Tips-Help Prevent Toilet Paper Clogs

Do you find yourself plunging your toilet all the time? You could be using too much toilet paper. Here are a few tips on how to prevent toilet paper clogs.

🚽 Use thinner toilet paper. The more ply, plush, and thick the toilet paper is the longer it takes to break down.

🚽 Limit the amount of toilet paper per flush.

🚽 Teach your kids how much toilet paper to use. Try taping a piece of tape on the wall (see picture) as a line that shows them how much is enough or teach them to count the squares.

🚽 If you still find you are having toilet paper clogging issues give us a call and we can upgrade your toilet to a better flushing toilet. We recommend American Standard Champion Toilet or the American Standard Cadet Pro. If you want to cut down your toilet paper waste dramatically, we can always install a bidet this will help trim your toilet paper spending by 75%.

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