Toilet Tips: How To Replace Your Toilet Flapper & Fill Valve

Did you know a worn toilet flapper is the leading cause of running or leaking toilets? A running toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water a month. A toilet flapper provides a seal or the flush valve and controls the water volume released into your toilet (as defined by Fluidmaster). There are many makes and models of toilet flappers but for the most part, they all look the same. Watch our Master Plumber, Doug Rose, teach you how to change your toilet flapper.

The toilet fill valve is essentially a tube with a shut-off valve. It refills the toilet tank after being flushed. If you start hearing a humming sound coming from your toilet it could mean it the water isn’t running freely and your fill valve needs to be replaced. Over time, a worn or out of alignment fill valve can become a problem, cause a leak, and wear on a valve’s components and parts. Watch our Master Plumber, Doug Rose, teach you how to replace your toilet fill valve.

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